Training of East African Biomedical Engineers

Bio-medical Engineers from the East African countries of Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda attended a training at the The NPHL Center of Excellence for Calibration of Laboratory Medical Equipment Kenya organized by EAPHLN World bank project.

The training was the first of its kind to address a growing concern in many major public laboratories that are undergoing accreditation that a number of laboratory equipment are not regularly maintained and calibrated.

The biomedical engineers were trained on proper preventive maintenance techniques,  calibration, documentation and development of effective PPM (planed preventive maintenance) programs.

students being demonstrated how to verify the temperatures of conditioned chambers
East Africa biomedical engineer participants repairing a faulty fridge at NPHL in Nairobi, Kenya
east africa biomedical engineer participants performing microscope maintenace work in class
training center at NPHL around kenyatta national hospital grounds in Nairobi, Kenya
participants from east africa for the inaugural refresher training in the maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment